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A novel on labor relations

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James R. Bailey
About the Author

James Robert Bailey, a federal mediator, labor arbitrator, and a union representative of over 40 years, has a diverse background including roles as a journalism major, welfare rights organizer for VISTA, writer for the Catholic Worker, and a newspaper reporter whose work was featured in the Congressional Record. He has been deeply involved in Oregon's Health Care for All movement and has extensive experience in labor/management, serving as a union organizer for SEIU locals and the Oregon Nurses Association, a Federal Mediator, and an Labor Arbitrator. Bailey's expertise in labor relations is also showcased in his debut novel, "Strike At The Heart Of It."

"Strike at the Heart of It" masterfully intertwines the intricate world of labor relations with the raw, human experiences of its characters, set against the vibrant backdrop of the fictional Grande Vista. James Robert Bailey's novel captivates with its authentic portrayal of ambition, power struggles, and the enduring quest for personal and professional fulfillment, making it a standout in contemporary literary fiction.
Angela MacDonough

"Strike at the Heart of It" is a piece of contemporary literary fiction that delves deep into the world of labor relations, spotlighting conflicts, settlements, and the intricate interactions of participants shaping these processes. The novel breathes life into its characters, each embodying various fears and aspirations, set in the fictional northwest region of Grande Vista. These characters, far from being mere pawns in a treatise on labor law, live bold, passionate, and ambitious lives, encapsulating human truths best captured through literature. Over the course of four years following a month-long strike at a rural hospital, the novel follows these characters as they navigate through professional and personal setbacks. Their quests for power, recognition, and financial stability intertwine with, and significantly impact, the ongoing battles and triumphs in the dynamic and often contentious world of labor relations, providing a rich tapestry of human experience and organizational dynamics.

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